Cooler Heads Prevail


New at Reason: Peter Bagge recalls how the Democrats settled on the more "electable" candidate.

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  1. I really like the way he drew Kerry in that second panel!!

  2. That would make quite a bumper sticker.

  3. The Demos are goin’ down hard in November. It’s simple. If you like the war, you vote for Bush. If you oppose the war, you . . . what? You tell me.

  4. fishfry,
    If you oppose:
    ? US Imperialism
    ? Military adventurism
    ? The trading of US blood and treasure for higher profits to energy providers
    ? Ongoing funding of oppressive and corrupt foreign governments
    ? Massive growth in existing government programs
    ? Massive growth in new government programs
    ? Massive growth in government regulatory powers
    ? Totalitarian police powers wielded by the executive

    Then you will most likely vote for Kerry, who despite having supported all the above is, first and foremost, NOT BUSH

  5. What does it mean, “He is first and foremost, NOT BUSH”?

    Isn’t it interesting to see the hate they have for BUSH in “donks”? Aren’t these the same people who preach love and understanding all the time?


  6. I don’t know, Bagge’s cartoons seems more like the debate a lot on the Left wished had occurred. The democrats seemed to have gotten Kerry because they convinced himself that centrist swing voters would like his war service.

  7. fishfry, whether we should invade Iraq is not really an open question anymore. Getting out of that mess without paying an exhorbitant cost is going to require intelligence, flexibility, credibility on the internation stage, delicate positioning, and skilled diplomacy.

    Who does that sound more like?

  8. Jean Bart.

  9. Omigosh! Elbows!

  10. This past week, I learned that Bagge also does cartoons for Weekly World News, a wonderful humor publication disguised as a tabloid.

  11. Doug,

    Good one.

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