Can You Hear Me? Good.


Tech Central Station's launched a clearinghouse for pieces on the future of Voice Over Internet Protocol—and its enemies.

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  1. So we throw out the fiat economic hurdle, and get rid of access fees. Great, because they are like middle men, born not from service rendered, but from legal imposition.

    If the government wants to tap VoIP calls they’ll just have to figure out how to do it without degrading service quality. In the mean time, they have no right to hold up progress.

    And few want to protect drug runners — the target of 80 percent of wiretaps.

    Here’s a hint. Abolish the multi-tragic, War on Drugs and instead, legalize all drugs.

    If law enforcement were to insist on getting more from VoIP calls, it could stop the communications revolution dead.

    What? What does he mean “insist on getting more from VoIP calls”. We don’t live in a dictatorship…Yet. Congress would have to approve that and they already have forbade eavesdropping on actual content. So the specter he’s raising is one of the government pushing for even more surveillance power.

    This is yet another reason to let the anti-civil liberties provisions of the Patriot Act set to expire, do so. It will send a message to the purveyors of this technology that their investment is not threatened by death via Big Brother.

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