Apropos of Nothing


If you're looking to goof off for 10 minutes, there are worse websites to get lost in than the National Archives' Tokens and Treasures: Gifts to Twelve Presidents. My favorites: John Ashcroft's gift to Ronald Reagan, and this super-nifty Desert Storm chess set.

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  1. If you’re looking to loose several hours, I can’t recommend enough the Library of Congress’ collection of Hannah Arendt’s papers found here: http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/arendthtml/arendthome.html

    Seriously, I almost got fired when I found it… Manuscripts, notes for lectures, research files, correspondence with: Robert Silvers (NYRB), W. H. Auden, Randall Jarrel, Robert Lowell, William Shawn, Saul Bellow/Committee on Social Thought, etc.

  2. The Gulf War Chess Set stirred a memory – George HW Bush looking into the camera and angrily denouncing the assertion that the war was about oil.

    I guess lying runs in the family.

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