Szechuan Chili Chicken


Reason fixture Tyler Cowen turns up in the Baltimore Sun today—in the food section.

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  1. This made my lunch choice for me. I went to a local Thai dive that not only has great food that is inexpensive, but it has, in the person of the lady running the shop, the greatest thing going in customer service.

    As she says, “Don’t worry about hot. You are the boss of hot here! Never try, never know!”

    N1, 4 hot, extra chicken $1.00. Yum.

  2. Seems we just aren’t hungry today.

  3. I was disappointed to see that this was about an actual dish, made of chicken and Szechuan chilis. I was hoping it would be about one of my favorite improvised leftover things: Szechuan chicken, mixed with canned chili. A little lemon yogurt on top.


  4. So when is the potluck office party at Reason? 😉

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