Economist, Philosopher, World Leader and Scientific Thinker: My Kinda Candidate!


However you feel about Jesse Walker's defense today of the man William Donohue says "has done more to earn his stripes as a messianic militarist—in service to the Leviathan—than any American" (huh?), it looks like Nader is just a piker in this spoiling game. They're a month old, but the fundraising stats from include one axiomatically non-linear comparison:

Lyndon H. Larouche Jr (D)

Ralph Nader (3)

At 82, Double-L is getting a little long in the tooth for the White House, but apparently somebody's impressed by the underappreciated polymath's prospects.

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  1. Quoth Dave Barry: “Where you have a brain, Lyndon Larouche has a whack-a-mole game.”

  2. A fool and his money are soon parted … to the tune of $8,227,111.

  3. Maybe the maglev train industry is a big donor?

    I actually knew a bunch of Laroucheies in college. I’ll give them something I wouldn’t say about run-of-the-mill democrats and republicans: they always had something interesting to say. I guess that’s part of the fun of being in a third party.

  4. the fun of being in a fun third party.

    the larouchians around town these days are very polite – as always – and terribly friendly and ernest. they’re like a more polite form of jehovah’s witness.

    watching them engage hipsters up and down bedford ave. by invoking the “bush sucks” Word of Power is hilarious. the poor nitwits have no clue who larouche is.

  5. I’ve lessoned to Lyndon Larouche’s rants quite a few times and I never could quite figure him out.
    Is Lyndon Larouche a right-wing nut pretending to be a left-wing nut or a left-wing nut pretending to be a right-wing nut or is he just so plain nuts that he is beyond any rational analysis?

  6. Two different times, I got into idscussions with LL supporters manning lit tables in front of post offices. Both times the discussion ended with the LL’er expressing his desire to render sone kind of corporal punishment upon libertarians.

  7. “LaRouche`s introduction of axiomatically non-linear notions of individual human cognition”
    What kind of drugs is this dude on,and will he share?

  8. Soon parted, Mo? Not hardly. Look for “LaRouche for President” to sign an $8 million advertising deal with “LaRouche Advertising.” And to be extremely happy with their work.

    There was actually a LaRouche ad aired after the Democratic debate in New Hampshire, just before the primary, along with the Kerry ad, the Edwards ad, etc. It featured a grainy still frame of LaRouche, and a voice over that ended with the narrator saying, honest to God, “Vote for Lyndon LaRouche. Or DIE!!!!!”

    I once had a LaRouchie ask me if I wanted “to help save the world from the English faggots.”

  9. Is LaRouche a fascist?

  10. I’ve looked at his literature for amusement on two different occasions. For the life of me I have no idea what attracts people to him because I have no idea what he’s actually trying to say. I can see how a nutball might be eager to follow another nutball who’s spewing the same wacky theory. But that only works if the alpha nutball has a message to attract the beta nutball. LaRouche’s message is, um, well, something about a conspiracy in London. I got that much out of it.

  11. joe,
    I was referring to the donors, not LaRouche himself. LaRouche has obviously been in the game long enough to know what he’s doing (in his own nutball way).

    Why is he a Dem, anyway? What happened to his party?

  12. That picture on his website is hilarious.

    No Jean Bart, in spite of his seemingly locked and loaded Seig Heil salute, he’s not a fascist. He’s just a kook. In the picture of him hovering over that monorail, he looks like something out of a low budget Godzilla film. Glower at them Lyndon; make them ALL scream!

    Where’s Johnny Sako when you need him?

    I had a German professor who was a self-described “Doushie”…I mean…”Rouchie”. The first half of every DAMN class started with a bit about Larouche, what an insufferable idiot.

    No, BOTH of them!

    I’d rather hear old war stories from a stranger. I’d rather spend an hour with my girlfriend’s father. People send him money? People really do? His contributors must be the same people who buy things via spam.

    God help us all.

  13. Is LaRouche a fascist?

    His political philosophy doesn’t seem coherent enough to be labelled. He’s probably whatever political party the Lone Gunmen from X-Files belong to. 🙂

  14. His contributors must be the same people who buy things via spam.

    Ken, that was one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. I’m gonna have to use that one.

  15. So buying spam stuff is stupid? You mean my penis WON’T get bigger?

    Wait a minute, I don’t even HAVE one! Oh, shit. . .

  16. Oh come on Jennifer. We may not always see things the same way, But I’ve always thought you ‘had a pair.’

    Larouche, by the way, is probably certifiable.

  17. He’s really no kookier than any other populist politician. He wants to stimulate the economy by spending on infrastructure, and blames the fact that a powerful cabal is leeching off of the labor of the working stiff for the unfortunate lot of the common man.

  18. He got the $8mil from Fort Worth , Texas someone by the name Perot sent it to him. “two peas in a pod”

  19. LL is Al Gore’s evil (and smarter) twin.

  20. Speaking of “nuts”:

    Cleric Who Advocated Wife Beating to Be Deported From France

    A Muslim cleric who said wife-beating is justified in cases of adultery has been arrested and will be expelled from France, the Interior Ministry said tonight.

    Chirane Abdelkader Bouziane, an imam in Lyon, was detained hours after Justice Minister Dominique Perben said that he may have to answer for his remarks.

    ?The government cannot tolerate that words contrary to human rights, detrimental to human dignity and in particular to the dignity of women, calls of hate or violence or defending terrorism,? the ministry said in a statement.

    Bouziane, an Algerian, made the remarks in an magazine interview.

    He said he favoured wife-beating ?under certain conditions, notably if the woman cheats on her husband.? He claimed the Koran, the Muslim holy book, ?authorises? such punishment.

    Bouziane also said a woman should not work alongside a man because ?she could be tempted by adultery.?

    He was said he favours an Islamic republic in France, ?but not just for France. I want the whole world to become Muslim.?

    In its effort to fight the spread of Muslim fundamentalism, France has been cracking down on imams who preach violence or values that run counter to the mainstream.

    Last week, France deported an Algerian-born imam accused of preaching radical Islam at a mosque in the Atlantic coastal city of Brest.

    The Interior Ministry said that Abdelkader Yahia Cherif gave a sermon that urged holy war and expressed support for the March 11 railway bombings in Madrid that killed 191 people.

  21. Good for France. I also support their ban on headscarves in schools (although I think that one town that tried to ban headscarves during Muslim weddings was just being spiteful).

  22. The LaRouchies still hang around Harvard Square. They were promising one day that Dick Cheney would be arrested within a day. Apparently their coup didn’t even get far enough for the Secret Service to notice.

    This looks like the day for debating definitions of “fascism.” I have a book (or at least used to; I couldn’t find it just now) called _Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism_, which has a lot about LaRouche’s lunatic ideas and sleazy tactics, but never specifies in what sense he’s a fascist. I think he’s too incoherent to be an anythingist.

  23. I, too, have had a really hard time finding *any* coherent philosophy in LaRouche’s bizarre, L. Ron Hubbard-style writing. He sounds like one of the “open line” callers on Art Bell’s show.

    Sooooooo true… holy crap, his website reads *exactly* like some of the rantings of a Scientologist (i.e. it makes no sense). All I knew about LL before I looked at his website just now, I learned from the crazy old guy wearing the sandwich board who sometimes haunts a corner near Wall Street… which isn’t much, because I was too afraid of him to get near enough to read the sign….

  24. I like their tactic of having one Larouchie stand behind the table and preach, while another one pretends to be a bystander, and refutes the objections raised by real passersby.

    Of course, this only works for the 10 seconds it takes to notice that the “bystander” has the same maniacal glint in his eyes as the guy behind the table.

  25. All of LaRouche’s economic proposals appear to have their roots in Roosevelt’s 1932 platform, i.e. socialization of infrastructure and employing the unemployed on various projects of national/international development and greatness projects. It’s sort of like Stalin without the attitude.

    Really, I think he’s just a scammer using a phony political campaign to push his books.

  26. JB: “A Muslim cleric who said wife-beating is justified in cases of adultery has been arrested and will be expelled from France, the Interior Ministry said tonight.”

    Jennifer: “Good for France. I also support their ban on headscarves in schools (although I think that one town that tried to ban headscarves during Muslim weddings was just being spiteful).”

    Of course, if W did this to an actual terrorist, it would be a war crime . . .

  27. I read the book garym refers to, LaRouche and the New American Fascism, and was quite alarmed for a while until I discovered (in a book by Laird Wilcox on extremists in the U.S.) that the author was a member of a Communist sect which rejected Stalinism and Maoism in favor of…the Albanian communism of maximum leader Enver Hoxha! So take the book with several teaspoons of salt.

    I know it’s childish of me, but I still giggle at Larouche’s claim that the international communist conspiracy is no longer a threat, but instead we should fear a conspiracy of homosexuals linked to the British royal family, which he dubs the “Homintern.”

  28. the dreaded homoluminati?

    i’ve never argued with a laroucher. i see them all the time but just don’t have the patience.

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