Arrayed For the Bridal


Reason writers around town: Hide that crouching dragon. Jesse Walker says Kill Bill Vol. 2 is Hollywood's real martial arts masterpiece.

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  1. Jesse, you’re such a fan boy.

    Also, because of the “Special Thanks” part of the credits, my friends and I realized that Elle Driver’s car was the Bandit’s Trans Am (a la Smoky and the Bandit).

  2. I say Kill Quentin.

  3. I was amused by David Carradine dissing Shaolin monks.

  4. Thank you for the lack of spoilers. I’m going this weekend. QT kicks ass. Okay, Jackie Brown sucked, but otherwise . . .

  5. Long-winded epic? Long-winded epic?!

    Oh, such a nice Reason writer, precious, very nice indeed. We shows him beautiful story of friendship and loyalty and courage, and he says, Long winded epic!

    Very nice indeed, precious.

  6. Superman is oh so awesome because, unlike other super-heroes, his normal condition is super? He only acts like a wanker because he feels like he has to fit in? I charge that Superman is, in fact, a COWARD because he’s afraid of exposing his true self to the world; he’s afraid of the consequences.

    But that is not the case with El Santo; El Santo would never hide his true self. He doesn’t need no stinking Fortress of Solitude in which to hide. So why does El Santo walk around in a mask then? It’s not to hide his identity…fool…the mask of El Santo IS his identity!

  7. Kill Bill was fine, even if it was no Pulp Fiction. But the important thing is, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was a huge piece of crap.

  8. I thought Jackie Brown was terrific. To me, the blot on Tarantino’s record is Four Rooms.

  9. Kill Bill v. 2 had plot and dialogue. That alone puts it light-years ahead of Kill Bill v. 1.

  10. The blot on Tarantino’s record is that disaster he made with Robert Rodriguez. That vampires in mexico thing. Maybe it’s not his fault, since everything Rodriguez touches is unwatchable.

  11. _From Dusk to Dawn_ may have been bad, but it was nowhere near as awful as _Kill Bill: Volume 1_ or that horrible _Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon_ wire-fighting disaster.

  12. I haven’t seen the movies, but I’ll tell you what I have seen: Quentin Tarantino EVERYWHERE! I’m so tired of seeing that face! If he NEVER appears on my tv screen again, it’ll be too soon.

  13. I’ll go out on a limb here. Crouching Tiger did NOT suck!

    It was invoking legend and myth, for chrissakes. I don’t know that adding pop references to it would help. Tarantino makes movies about movies, and he does it very well, but that doesn’t mean that movies about legends are necessarily worse for their lack of Brechtian gimmicks. That’s right, I said Brechtian!

    It was beautiful to look at and was far better than the great majority of fare we see these days.

    There, I said it.

    LOVED Kill Bill v.2, by the way.

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