Armed in Haiti


Tristram Korten of the Miami New Times keeps filing compulsively readable dispatches from Haiti. Here's the latest.

NEXT: Another $1.5 Million Fine for Stern

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  1. If this isn’t evidence of a personal vendetta and a government effort to drive this one man off the air, I don’t know what it.
    The latest tally, if we add in this reported fine, will be $6 million in fines levied by the FCC since 1990 — $4 million of that against Stern.
    So Howard Stern is responsible for two-thirds of all the naughty bits on radio? Howard Stern is responsible for two-thirds of the downfall of America?
    The FCC will clearly keep fining Stern and his company and stations until he is off the air — and probably afterwards, for good measure: the last kick on the ass out the door.
    What’s offensive here is the FCC.

    Exactly. Harassment. Sickening, by all accounts. The FCC should be drowned in their own simmering juices of evil.

  2. back on topic, I hope Rick Barton reads the article on Haiti that Jesse Walker points out. Pretty vivid description of “competing protection companies” in action.

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