And When Did He Know It?


New at Reason: Get a peek at the other President's Daily Briefs; it ain't a pretty sight.

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  1. I liked “That’s My Bush”!

  2. The best parts of “That’s my Bush!” were the ads showing him and Laura doing reenactments of classic TV openings (like Lavern&Shirley but with secret service agents).

    Having him give a cat a douche was *priceless*.

  3. Ah, Hainan Island. Remember when that counted as an international crisis?

    Does anyone remember the SNL sketch, with the one marine on the ride along trying to convince the Air Force personnel to stage an uprising?

    “Didn’t any of you take basic training?”
    “I ran through some tires once.”

    “How many of them can there be?”
    “Uhhh, a billion?”

  4. Yeah, that one was brilliant. I think Al Franken wrote it.

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