Priorities, Priorities


From today's 9/11 commission staff report:

On May 10, 2001, the Department issued guidance for developing the fiscal year 2003 budget that made reducing the incidence of gun violence and reducing the trafficking of illegal drugs priority objectives. [Counterterrorism division chief Dale] Watson told us that he almost fell out of his chair when he saw the memo, because it made no mention of counterterrorism. The Department prepared a budget for fiscal year 2003 that did not increase counterterrorism funding over its pending proposal for fiscal year 2002. It did include an enhancement for the FBI's information technology program intended to support the collection, analysis, and rapid dissemination of information pertinent to FBI investigations. Acting FBI Director Thomas Pickard told us he made an appeal to Attorney General Ashcroft for further counterterrorism enhancements not included in this budget proposal. On September 10, the Attorney General rejected that appeal.

Ashcroft testifies before the commission this afternoon.

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  1. Egad, a government office was shocked when they didn't get as much money as they wanted? The military industrial complex should have caught on to this line years ago. Who knew that before a serious event happened and based on vague intelligence, they could get as much money as they wanted for security - from Democrats?

    Does anyone know what previous budgets for this department looked like? I'm suspicious that they asked for more money in 100% of previous budgets. I guess we should have just given it to them.

  2. I personally hope the commission will put both Ashcorft and Rummy against the wall and pull the trigger.

    And by "pull the tigger" I mean let them know where the commission stands.

  3. The FBI did get the extra money, JL. They just weren't allowed to spend it on counterterror.

    There were dirty movies to prosecute, after all.

  4. What was the FBI doing the weekend before Sept 11?

    Putting holes in the heads of a couple of hippies on their pot-friendly campground in Michigan (Rainbow Farm ).

    Another link about the siege:

    How can we expect politicians to keep an eye on those who wish us dead when thar's hippies in them hills?

  5. According to many of the posters on the Condi Rice thread below, protecting us from terrorists isn't the government's job anyway.

  6. So the whole thing was a plot by Pickard to get his budget increase. The bastard.

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