Bargain Binge


Radley Balko notes that the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has finally recalibrated its definition of "binge drinking", so that it no longer covers just about anyone who goes out for an evening of drinks with friends. Now, (he asks rhetorically), how many anti-alcohol laws and policies formed on the basis of the former definition (and the alarming statistics it generated) will get revised?

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  1. I look forward to the profusion of contorted backslapping and self-congratulations by prohibitionists as they take credit for solid inroads against the blight of alcoholism.

  2. Wonderful, one of our many national groups of annoying busybodies has made a new official pronouncement of _exactly_ what behavior they disapprove.

    I have now been categorized more accurately so that I may now be harangued and harassed more effectively. My life is now complete.

  3. Binge drinking is clearly dangerous for the drinker and for society.

    Of course they still had to take a huge shit and rub it all over their press release.

  4. Their definition is still pretty stupid. Now a “binge” is anytime you’re actually intoxicated. Hah!

    It’s good that they give the official definition of a “bender,” though. I’ll use that term more carefully from now on. Turns out it’s been weeks since I’ve had a bender, not days.

  5. Have they gotten around to defining “shitfaced?”

  6. How do these folks breed? Well, not breed, but, you know, meet up?

    High on Jesus?

  7. drunk on their own self-righteousness?

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