August 6 PDB and a Dick Clarke Review


The Smoking Gun has posted an excerpt of the August 6 President's Daily Brief which featured prominently during Condoleezza Rice's testimony before the 9/11 commission.

And here, courtesy of Arts & Letters Daily, is a link to Robert Sam Anson's rave review in The New York Observer of Richard Clarke's new book. Snippet:

Your reviewer promised 10 reasons to plunk down the cost of two movie tickets and a popcorn special. Actually, there are a ton. Like learning how Ramzi Yousef?architect of the 1993 World Trade Center attack?turned up at J.F.K. without a passport, and immigration let him waltz right in. Or discovering why Madeleine Albright became convinced that the clueless C.I.A. was suffering from "battered child syndrome." (Alas, how George Tenet found out about Dubya?s unnatural relationship with Spotty the spaniel?the only conceivable explanation for his continued employment?is not revealed in these pages.)

There?s one last reason, which is how you?ll feel when you?ve finished Richard Clarke?s brave, damning, gripping book: that a lot of people ought to burn in hell because of 9/11. And not all of them live in caves.