Condi's Reviews


How'd the testimony of National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice go over with Joe Sixpack and Jane Lunchbag? "Rice Can't Sway Skeptics," says this CBS News account, which recounts Rice's generally positive ratings before noting,

One opinion left unchanged by Rice's testimony is the continuing belief that the administration is not telling the entire truth about what it knew before Sept. 11. Three out of four Americans, about the same as a week ago, say the administration is hiding something, with one in ten going so far as to say it is lying.

In fairness, the 75 percent who say the administration is hiding something is probably a standard figure for any question asked about any White House, as is the 10 percent who think the prez's crew is lying.

The most amazing stat in this story is the claim that 56 percent of Americans watched or listened to part of the hearings. Those are last-episode-of-M*A*S*H numbers.

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