No, no—it's a secret speech. You know, like Kruschev's.


According to MSNBC, the 9/11 commission has asked the White House for the infamous speech Condi Rice was to deliver on September 11, 2001. The White House says it won't hand it over, because such "draft documents" are confidential.

Got that? The speech is confidential.

Josh Marshall comments:

Unless the argument is that we can't let our enemies know the depth of the poor judgment displayed by the president's national security team it is searchingly hard to fathom what possible national security issue could be implicated by handing over the speech since it was -- do we have to say it? -- a speech! A speech for public consumption.

Like almost all the other restrictions the White House has placed on the Commission, this is just so they won't be embarrassed politically. They don't like the Commission. Again and again they display open contempt for its work. They didn't want it created in the first place. And they've tried to obstruct its work at almost every turn.

All that's different here is that the political nature of the obstruction is undeniable.