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Remember: If you subscribe to Reason's print edition by Friday April 9, you can get our June issue with a customized satellite pic of your address.

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  1. We will not be fooled! I know there was a dupe story just above this one, and it had comments! The truth will be heard. You cannot silence us all!

    Sorry, just had to have a little fun. Its been a long day.

  2. If you squint hard enough, you can make out my middle finger, waving gently in the breeze at L.A. City Hall...

  3. You guys are marketing geniuses! I've been buying a copy every month from different book stores to help engender their continuing to carry Reason, but this I can not resist.

    I sure can't imagine a lefty or neo-con magazine coming up with such a clever promotion idea.

  4. "peek into the future"?

  5. If Dick Cheney subscribes, where will you send it?

    Seriously, congrats Nick on a brilliant idea. I just subscribed. My wife's totally going to freak out when she sees our house on the cover.

    Keep us posted on how many new subscriptions you get out of this.

  6. So, does that mean those of us who have been subscribers for some time are screwed out of this cool offer? That sort of sucks.

    Perhaps I'll call tomorrow and cancel my subscription and then renew, creating a few cents of costly overhead to punish reason for forgetting its existing subscriber base. Or maybe I'll just put my money where it's comic books.

  7. Is there any way to view a sample without going through the tedious NYT form?

  8. What if you live in Area 51? Can you still get a satelite picture of where you live?

  9. Um, hey Andrew, whatchootalkinbout? Every single subscriber gets a personalized copy (including your name and a satellite photo of your address on the cover, and several personalize ads inside). I think that Alissi's shameless self-promotion was just urging everyone else to jump on the bandwagon. If you're already a subscriber, then you'll get yours...

  10. Congrats, you got me to subscribe!!!!!

  11. Well, you guys finally rooked me into subscribing. 😉

    Unfortunately, my first name doesn't fit into the box on the subscription form. (8 letters is pretty short!) I bet my personal information's going to be messed up...

  12. Though it won't have as much an effect as the 10-letter limit for first names on 1976 Social Security enrollment forms.

    Some nameless bureaucrat ruined my life by overflowing "Christopher" into the Middle Initial box -- so instead of Christopher C, my Social Security card, forms, etc, say Christophe R. And you can probably guess how much of a pain that is to get changed. :

  13. I have to admit, I'm intrigued and looking forward to a personalized copy. It will be an interesting peek into the future.

  14. If I order exactly on the 9th, will I get the personalized copy?

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