Along Comes Kinja


Kinja is the latest product from the most interesting Web-based impresario of the current moment, Nick Denton. He's the fellow behind Gawker, Wonkette, and Fleshbot; his sites are so good, it's a shame to report that he's British.

Kinja is an aggregator for blog content. As this NY Times account explains, "the site automatically compiles digests of blogs covering subject areas like politics and baseball."

It's well worth a look and a tryout.

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  1. I left a bitter, hate-filled comment about Kinja here. Bill Quick – who coined ‘Blogosphere’ – calls it the ‘Elitisphere’.

    Sign up at it’s the Libertarian choice.

  2. “Kinja” sound heepum ethnic.
    Him keep posters away.

  3. Dunno if I’d throw politics into it, but Bloglines is a great way to read anything with an RSS feed. It’s got a lot of neat features – for example, my reading list is available at

    That aside, Kinja isn’t a bad idea. It’s a lot like Bloglines with default channels for topics added in. I’ve been waiting for someone to put together a newspaper by pulling posts from various blogs. There’s been a lot of attempts, but none that I’ve bothered to come back to repeatedly, and my first glance at Kinja doesn’t exactly make me want to bookmark it. The Livejournal Times is actually a humorous example what I’d really like to see. On a more specialized level, Alterslash is a great way to read Slashdot without wasting hours, as it automatically displays high-ranked comments. It’s the only automated aggregator I consistently read.

  4. Me still think “Kinja” sound Japanese.
    Me heepum wary.

  5. Oh, come on. Why wasn’t this titled “Enter the Kinja” 🙂

  6. I’m still waiting for an aggregator aggregator.
    I’m also still waiting for someone to take “taking it to the next level” to the next level.

  7. Why is it “a shame” that Nick Denton is British?

  8. Because he’ll die from dental complications before he’s able to change the world?

  9. Ok, I don’t see how this is better than an RSS aggregator like FeedDemon or NewsGator. Is the value add that the feeds are chosen for you?

    And FeedDemon rools!

  10. dragoon:
    Alterslash seems pretty interesting, but considering you can set the default ranking of comments on your own account, I fail to see how it’d save much time reading /. threads. Also I find that reading only high-ranked (4+, sometimes 3+ though) comments is a good way to see nothing but the same tired old joke and groupthink presented in a slightly different (or in the case of the many /. dupe stores, the same 🙂 context.

    Over and over and over, the highest ranking comments never fail to dissapoint me. It is usually the off-the-wall or unpopular (to slashdot at least) comments that I find most interesting, and those might only see a score of 2 due to the poster’s inherantly high karma. YMMV of course.

  11. I think that your site is very interesting and nice. Good job !

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