30 Years Ago in Reason


"The truly small minicomputer market…represents a possible threat to IBM, because huge and expensive computers may soon be replaceable by expandable systems of combined microcomputers."

— Alan Reynolds, "Trustbusting for Fun & Profit"

"Seek individually or in a class action to enjoin the enforcement of price controls and allocation regulations. Force the government to prove the constitutionality of every one of these intrusions."

— Henry G. Manne, "Fighting Back Against Controls"

"The first attempt to repress the movies was a hum-dinger by any standards. In 1908 the Mayor of New York City ordered his police to close all the cinemas in the city."

— Diane Alexander, "Pass Adam His Fig-Leaf"

"If adopted by Congress and the FCC, this kind of hands-off policy [toward cable TV] could lead to the flowering of a new era of diverse, sophisticated programming, catering to hundreds of markets currently too small to be served by broadcasting's mass-media approach."

— Trends, "A Small Step Toward TV Freedom"