Stripped-Down Justice


As reader Paul Bent noted in passing this story along, the most surprising thing may be that Georgia has beauty pageant rules.

Miss Nude Contestant Stripped of Court Victory

So far, the 1997 Miss Nude World International pageant has been one big tease for Vanessa Steele-Inman.

When she competed in the Atlanta-based event seven years ago, the former stripper qualified for the semifinals before being kicked out on what she said were trumped-up charges of cheating.

Three years later, a Fulton County jury said the contest promoters and managers of the Pink Pony nightclub should pay Steele-Inman more than $2.5 million in compensatory damages, punitive damages and attorney fees for slander and tortious interference with business relations.

But last week the Georgia Court of Appeals took away her victory, leaving her a consolation prize of $3,500 in attorney fees for the pageant's violation of state beauty contest rules….

Whole thing here.

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  1. How can you cheat in a NUDE beauty pageant? It’s not like there’s a bra to stuff. . .

  2. I think the judge just stripped away all the nonsense and looked at the bare bones of the case.

    Thank-you, I’m here all week!

  3. Jen,
    Just purse your lips and blow.

  4. Maybe she had lighter-than-air hydrogen implants to prevent sagging. The judges caught her when they lit a cigarette and were shocked to discover that the winner now had little twin Hindenburgs on her chest.

  5. Oh the humanity!

  6. Well, she could have been faulted during the “compulsory figures” portion of the pageant . . .

  7. Did none of you even read the article? She was accused of bribing one of the judges. Admittedly, I only read it hoping there would be a picture, but, come on people, at least try reading the article before asking questions about it.

  8. illegal waxing, perhaps?

  9. illegal waxing, perhaps?

  10. Did none of you even read the article?

    Yeah, and Jerry Seinfeld should just write a polite letter to the airlines asking them what’s up with the little bags of peanuts.

  11. Peanut–not pea; not nut
    OK, maybe a pea. Is a pea a legume?

    When will one of you get with it and give the url for the pictures that should be accompanying this thread?

    dhex, Is it because Dubya is waning, you’re referring to illegal waxing?

  12. Dear Mr. Seinfeld,
    Our peanuts are the finest quality salted legumes money can buy and anyone who says otherwise is obviously a racist who does not appreicate the many fine contributions George Washington Carver made to our vibrant legume-based democracy.

    (I feel giddy this morning because some of my Internet-auction stuff is selling for a LOT more than I’d thought. Did I once say I was a misanthrope? No, no, I love people, especially the lovely people who bid on my auctions. Look, here come some Disney-style birds and butterflies to roost upon my shoulders.)

  13. speculating about an article like this is a lot more fun than knowing the actual facts in the case. bribery is boring – accidental chest explosions and a string of puns add sunlight to an otherwise rainy day.

    actually, that goes for most of the news these days.

  14. Dhex-
    My one regret is my inability to think of a good, fitting “anti-Bush” joke here.

  15. it’s the closest i could come to an anti-bush joke. outside of electrolysis (and, waxing is about as anti-bush as it gets.

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