Utah Takes the Red Pill


The Beehive State has become the eighth to drop out of MATRIX (Multistate Anti-Terror Information eXchange), citing concerns that the huge interconnected database lacked adequate oversight to guard against misuse of citizen information. (Via FMN)

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  1. I just had a “Syliva the Psychic” moment.

    In three years, the Feds will issue the following edict:

    Any state that does not participate in the system will loose 10% of Federal Highway money (or education dollars).

  2. “‘The more states that participate, the better the data we have, so when any state pulls out, there’s an impact,’ said Mark Zadra, the special agent in charge of the program.”

    Uh, the more data they have, the better the data quality? Goddamn, the database I work on gets more and more screwed up–I mean complicated–the more data we add to it. What drugs is this Zadra fellow on?

  3. I would wager they are just going to reenroll in the program under a different name and with a minor structural differnace with the database. That seems to be the modus operandi of these folks.

  4. lol- best headlikne of the month

  5. Well, the Mormons do know something about database admin, folks.

  6. He’s obviously talking about quality of data, not the quantity. But the curse of intelligence-gathering is getting so much you can’t process it in a timely and meaningful manner, which is kinda important when the dive bombers are in the air. See Pearl Harbor.

  7. But who then will protect us from Mormon terrorists? 😉

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