Stewart vs. Rove


The Daily Show reacts to its newest competitor in the fake-news business.

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  1. thoreau: Have you tried the Christian Sinus Monster (

  2. Salon?

    Once upon a time it was a decent site…….
    How many days do they not have an anti bush article?

  3. RoboDruid-

    What’s wrong with reading an anti-Bush article? One can read all sorts of things and find them interesting, even if one disagrees with some of the criticisms.

  4. Thoreau:

    Read what you want. It is just that Salon seems so repetitive. (Bush=bad,evil,hitler….etc)

    They used to have better stuff.

  5. I’ve been a big Daily Show fan for five years now. Lately I’ve been disappointed. They used to skewer anyone and everyone who said stupid things, regardless of political affiliation. Now it’s all anti-Bush, all the time. I’ve even noticed some flagrant Michael Moore-style misrepresentations. Too bad. They used to be the funniest political show out there.

  6. I believe the Daily Show aims more of its firepower at Bush because, um, well, he’s sort of a bigger target. They haven’t exactly been nice to Kerry, however. Yes, yes, I know, partisans can always claim “They were meaner to our guy!” but overall I think they’re pretty fair.

  7. The Kerry snowboarding bit was high-larious. I think Bush is targeted more because he’s the president. Did you see the stuff they said about Clinton and Gore? Heck, they called the primaries “The Race From the White House.” Hardly a ringing endorsement.

  8. What’s really funny is that Jon Stewart got John Edwards to announce his candidacy on the Daily Show. The candidates do this weird thing where they campaign for a few months before making an “official announcement” of their candidacy, and John Edwards made his official announcement on the Daily Show.

    What I want to know is when they’ll get George Bush on the Daily Show. So many high-profile politicians have gone on there, Bush will eventually have to talk to Jon Stewart. I’m sure John Kerry will eventually do it. Once that happens, Bush will have no excuse.

  9. More “fake news”:

    Some fans of “The Passion of the Christ” claim that the Mel Gibson flick has caused miracles – and now a documentary is in the works to prove it.

    Makers of ?Changed Lives: Miracles of the Passion? have been interviewing people who say their lives were turned around after they watched the flick. An online solicitation sent to would-be subjects of the film gives examples of the sort of ?miracles? the filmmakers are looking for: ?a marriage being rescued, an addict who was set free, a Jew who now accepts Jesus as Messiah, someone who experienced physical or emotional healing, and so on.?

    A Web site describing the documentary suggests recording video testimony this way: ?Looking right into the camera the entire time, begin speaking as if you?re telling your story to a good friend who does not know Jesus and you REALLY want him or her to see the film and be changed like you!?

    ?We have gone to Web sites where there are in excess of 70,000 stories about how people were touched by this film, so we have plenty to choose from,? Executive Producer Jody Eldred tells The Scoop. The documentary isn?t affiliated with Mel Gibson?s Icon Productions, says Eldred, but he has been working closely with Icon. ?They?ve seen the trailer. They think it?s a cool thing. We have their blessings.?

  10. “refuse to pollute their computer with RealPlayer”

    Yeah, brother yeah, ain’t it the truth. RealNetworks is evil.

  11. Truth really is better than fiction.

    Last night’s TDS featured about a half dozen clips of Condi Rice and Scott McClelland repeating the same talking points. It’s hilarious.

  12. Anyone want to put up a summary for those of us who refuse to pollute their computer with RealPlayer?

  13. It’s about the Bush ad that portrays itself as a news clip applauding the wonders of the Bush’s medicare legislation and ending with something along the lines of “This is Susan Smith reporting for blah blah news.”

  14. I wonder if it kills the major news networks that Comedy Central has the best election coverage. TDS says the stuff that you wish other networks did. They call all sides on their bs.

  15. My main news sources:

    The Daily Show
    The Onion
    The Economist

  16. My news sources;
    National Review

    I think that is a fair cross spectrum of opinions.

    I also get Arab News Daily only because it comes automatically. It is a worthless source of news, but it is informative as a view to some of the paranoia out there.

  17. I like get my news headlines off Fark. The links go to news sources all over the world. Sort of.

  18. I like get my news headlines off Fark. The links go to news sources all over the world. Sort of.

  19. To my mind, none of the current fake news guys hold a candle to Dennis Miller’s stint as a news anchor on Saturday Night Live.

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