Confessions of a Libertarian Polygamist


The anonymous author of this defense of group marriage won't be trying to add Reason's Cathy Young (or Cato's David Boaz) to his harem anytime soon.

I'm a libertarian activist, not hugely well-known, but a decent number of people know my name. I'll tell you in a couple of minutes why I didn't sign my name to this article, but for now I will just say that attitudes like Cathy Young's and David Boaz's are part of the reason.

Reason published a piece by Ms. Young that did a lot of hand wringing about gay marriage being expanded to polygamy. A lot of what she said about polygamy sounds lifted straight out of the mainstream, Bible-belt news, not libertarian at all. Then she brought out the Cato Institute big gun, David Boaz, who said, "Two people seems like a good number for a marriage." Well, thanks for your tolerance David, and minding your own business!

Whole thing here.

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