I'm Loving It


One small step for obesity, one giant step for a truly networked world: I'm typing this from the Oxford, Ohio, McDonald's, which recently installed free WiFi. Oxford is a small town, albeit a college town (home to Miami Univ. of Ohio and 16,000 students and maybe 8,000 year-round residents), so it's not exactly typical of Smallville, USA.

Yet if the digital revolution has made it this far, it's certainly coming to the middle of nowhere soon–if it's not already there. And, at the same time, changing "nowhere" to somewhere or everywhere.

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  1. Does that mean you just stopped in for a byte?

  2. No sooner do we finish trashing USA Today, the McPaper, than the editor of Reason writes his magazine from McDonalds.
    Just be careful, Nick. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  3. Tell me you didn’t go to Oxford OH just to sit in the Net-equipped McDonalds.

  4. Oh, boy, wait until John Banzhaf hears of this!

  5. Hey, let’s make WiFi a legal requirement for any business that offers seating. Think of the jobs that would create! And I shouldn’t have to be forced into that irresistably high-fat McD’s environment if all I want to do is check my email. It’s about giving customers a choice!

    The only thing better than a good thing is a good thing mandated for all.

  6. Nothing against Mickey D’s, but Schlotsky’s Delis have been doing this for awhile, and a hot pastrami beats a special-sauce contaminated burger anytime. A little googling and I discover that there is a BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings) next to the Holiday Inn Express with WiFi. There you could gobble wings, drink beer, watch the hoops tourneys, and ogle waitrons all while using the net connection.

    America, why I love her! (sniff, honk)


  7. Did someone say Schlotsky’s? Mmmmmmm… There Barbeque chicken pizza is the food of the GODS!

  8. Whoops: slight edit: “…Their Barbeque…”

  9. The Lonewacko Blog’s ‘Blogging Across America’ tour featured attempts to access WiFi at various locations from coast to coast.

    Some “nuggets:”
    – The McDonald’s in Bloomington, IL had Ethernet but not WiFi
    – The strangest location with WiFi was a campground/trailer park in Alpine TX (look on a map to see how remote that is)

  10. The word is ” Lovin’ “.
    The minority-group patrons who are the target of
    these ads do not pronounce the “g”.
    How square of you not to notice.

  11. minority groups are’nt the only people who don’t pronounce the ‘G’ in loving sniper. Mc d’s weak attempt to target the more “hip” (“hop”) culture has only brought ridicule upone their efforts.

  12. Go McDonalds. I worked at the Oxford, Ohio McDonalds for three months when I attended Miami U, back in 1989 or 90. Imagine, that hell hole having Wi-Fi. I joke, it was not a hell hole, the job did suck, but for a broke college kid, it paid for beer money, and provided free food.

  13. McDonald’s stock has gone from less than $15 a share to almost $30 a share in the last year. While you are sniffing in disdain, shareholders are chuckling all the way to the bank.

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