All Resurrections All the Time


I'm as down with Jesus as the next fella, but I'd kind of like to see the zombies knock The Passion out of the top spot this weekend, just to break up the monotony a little. But still… I know this isn't exactly an original observation, and I hate to be a pud-dragging purist, but what's the point of fast zombies? Sure, they'd be more dangerous in reality, but if horror movies were based on real dangers, all horror movies would be about cancer. The slow, dumb, lumbering shuffle was the scariest (and not coincidentally, the funniest) thing about the zombies in the original Dawn. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised by this new 28 Days Later model of the undead, but I'm having a hard time getting up to speed, as it were. Jolly Roger, who in my experience groks a good zombie picture, gives it a mixed review.