Yee Plea


The Washington Times reports that military prosecutors are close to a deal with Capt. James Yee, the former Muslim chaplain at Guantanamo Bay who was branded a traitor and threatened with the death penalty. Having already retracted its espionage allegation, the Army is now ready to drop a charge of mishandling classified documents. (During a hearing in December, it came out that the documents might not have been classified after all.) Under the deal, Yee, who was confined for 76 days based on the espionage charges, would receive administrative punishment for adultery and keeping pornography on his computer, offenses that were discovered by investigators trying to substantiate the espionage accusation. He also reportedly has agreed to "up to 30 days of counterintelligence interrogations and a polygraph test," after which he would receive an honorable discharge. How about an apology?