Pentagon Funds Foreign Cloning Research


The wily warriors over at the Pentagon have found a novel way around President Bush's ban on federal research using newly created embryonic stem cells–fund foreign scientists. Reuters reports that the Pentagon has given a $240,000 grant to Swedish researchers who are trying to use human embryonic stem cells to cure Parkinson's disease. The Pentagon's rationale is that such research might develop therapies to help American soldiers harmed by exposure to toxic agents like nerve gas. Of course, if the House of Representatives' bill criminalizing the importation of therapies based on human embryonic stem cells passes, soldiers receiving such treatments would either be jailed or barred from returning to this the country.

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  1. That’s pretty crafty. I’ll buy the Pentagon a beer for that.

    Now re the stem cell wackos: How the hell did these anti-Enlightenment asshats get control of my country anyway?

  2. Not surprisingly, science is like the internet; it perceives censorship as damage and routes around it.

    Dear President Bush,

    We can’t lead the parade from behind.


  3. What’s an asshat?

  4. Imagine a hypothetical person opposed to both stem-cell research AND the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries. Which part of this story would irritate him the most?

    Hee hee hee hee hee. . .

  5. Jennifer,

    It gets better. The Pentagon is almost as sacred as “The Passion” for NRO clone warrior types. This is going to be almost as good as celebrity deathmatch.

    Where’s the popcorn ?

  6. The Pentagon is almost as sacred as “The Passion” for NRO clone warrior types.

    Is there any way to pin the blame on Colin Powell?

  7. Oh, come now. Do you really think that the government would actually refuse to use the therapies if they were successful and if using them furthered some government interest?

  8. It gets to me that the media allow scum like Senator Brownback, who wants human beings to die for the benefit of blastocyst rights, to be called “right-to-lifers.”

    This has me more peeved than usual, as I just learned that a close friend has Parkinson’s.

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