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I'm not sure whether this is super cool or super creepy: Fundrace has introduced a "citymap" feature that allows you to see where major contributions to political parties come from in American cities—on a building-by-building basis. In other words, you can scope your neighborhood for hardline D's or R's.

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  1. What tha? What’s all this junk on either side of my screen? What’s happened to my Hit&Run!?!?!

  2. Yeah, that is creepy! I can’t believe my buddy next door, what was he thinking contibuting all that money to that guy??? After all the politics we discussed, he goes out and backs him, well, I oughta…..Now excuse me while I go fire bomb my neighbor.

  3. I’m not that familiar with New York City, but it was interesting for me to see all the Republican donors on the east side of Central Park (Is that the proverbial “East Side”?).

    I’ve always tended to think of the City as being more or less party homogenous.

    They must have gotten the addresses from the donors. Did they sign a waiver, perhaps?


    Off topic,

    It is a business, you know?

  4. It’s very cool AND very creepy. Have you tried overlaying this with a map of Reason‘s subscriber base?

  5. This looks to be a Bad Thing for prominent lawyers and entertainers in the LA area. Now I know where Bradley Whitford (West Wing) and Frank Darabont (writes the screenplays of most Stephen King novels) live.

    Of course the real question is: who cares? Most killers these days seem to go for randoms or familia.

  6. Public record…OK.

    Don King, the fight promoter gave to Bush, Braun, and Gephardt, 2K each.

    Ted Kennedy gave to JFK, of course.

    Michael Moore, Al Franken, Woody Allen, Sean Penn
    didn’t appear on the list.

  7. You can also type in your zip code, and check up your neighbors.

    Sleep tight!

  8. Every one of those listings tells a story:
    Legal firm of Dewey, Screwem, & Howe gives $2000 to every one of the candidates (even Lieberman!), senior partners all do the same, so do their wives. Interesting.

  9. > You can also type in your zip code, and check up your neighbors. Sleep tight

  10. I hadn’t looked at it that way, dj. Hmmm…….

  11. >I’ve always tended to think of the City as being
    >more or less party homogenous.

    Yes, that is the “Upper East Side” – well-known for having lots of Republicans. NYC is much less homogenous than its reputation, and less than say, San Francisco (or Texas!).

  12. The map seems to be programmed so that, whenever two circles of different colors overlap, the red one is shown as covering the blue one. This tends to exaggerate somewhat the visual impression of the extent of Republican donations.

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