Win Free Sex!


New at Reason: Tertiary spouses? Masturbate-a-thons for Libertarian Party candidates? Adopting your live-in lovers? Everything's on the table as Peter Bagge swings with the polyamorists at the "Building Bridges" conference.


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  1. This polyamorist (polyfidelitous, look it up) is going to maintain a becoming dignity and not rise to the bait here…

  2. Marvelous. At least libertarians are getting closer to fully (outward) consistency with their (inherent) nihilistic mien, or core.

    That family depicted at the end of Bagge’s comic is adduced as the very consequence of use to which libertarians (left or right) put their notions of amoral freedom.

  3. As one who is frequently critical of Bagge, I winced when I saw his latest title. However, in the words of a prominent patron: “You know, I’m no art critic, but I know what I hate. And… I don’t hate this”. My usual gripes about exaggerated extremists and over simplification were pleasantly absent.

  4. The disfunctional family at the end was the funniest part, a case of Bagge getting back to his roots!

    The woman who used the S&M network to get what she wanted without relying on assholes was very moving.

  5. Win Free Sex…..what a come on title! You could sell soap with that line.

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