We Haven't Seen This High a Turnout Since That Chicago Graveyard Voted for Home Rule


Yet more mishaps with electronic voting.

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  1. If enough people hear of this kind of crap, I wonder if voter turnout will be at an all time low this November. Why vote when it will just be thrown out or negated by a phantom vote?

    Oh, and I look forward to another 6 months of lawsuits after this presidential election. I just didn’t get enough of it the first time around.

  2. Through a combination of blackbox voting and the inevitable lawsuits which follow, culminating in an increasing trend where courts pick the winners of elections, the USA takes another big step down the road to banana republic.

    Although as a Calpundit commenter sez maybe gerrymandering will solve all these messy problems for us. Not for President though. Hmm. Maybe we could just alternate between Bushes and Clintons. . .

    Bush I
    Clinton I
    Bush II
    Clinton II (Hill)
    Bush III (Jeb)
    Will Chelsea be old enough?

  3. Dude:

    When we get to Roger Clinton and Marvin Bush in your rotation, just shoot me…

  4. You mean there’s a chance that election results might not represent the will of the people? The Supreme Court should tell the president it appointed to look into this.

  5. What I don’t see is why unverifiable voting is seen as a partisan issue. Just because the Diebold CEO promised to deliver Ohio (I think, can’t remember the state for sure) to Bush with his incredibly easily hackable machines, doesn’t mean that some enterprising unemployed democrat hacker can’t do the same. Proper verification of votes should be a top priority for every person that respects democracy.

  6. “Proper verification of votes should be a top priority for every person that respects democracy.”

    Yet over the past few years, it’s only been a top priority for Democrats. Odd, that.

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