My Milkshake Brings Allah's Boys to the Yard


The New Republic reports on Saudi Arabia's burgeoning queer culture. Incidentally, Louis Crompton, with whom I spoke for our March issue, has a good survey of homosexuality in the Muslim world in his book Homosexuality and Civilization.

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  1. Copious quotes from the article
    referring to the US/west
    paint a ‘queer’ picture of our influence.

    >…the thousands of Saudis who have recently returned from the United States
    …one gay man, a 23-year-old returnee from the United States
    … a group of gay Saudi friends dressed in Western clothes and speaking fluent English….
    …the malls’ many Western-style restaurants, where mingling of the sexes is allowed.
    …gay Westerners in the kingdom were fired from Saudi companies
    …the thousands of Saudis who have recently returned from the United States
    ….are unwilling to countenance such harsh anti-gay policies
    …website’s homepage for gay Saudi surfers after being bombarded with critical e-mails from the United States.
    …gay men gather each week to drink beer…, dance together to Western music,
    ….U.S.-based Saudi dissidents

  2. That’s the cleverest headline ever.

  3. —>That’s the cleverest headline ever.

    I hate being ignorant more than looking it,
    so explain it to me. I didn’t get it.

  4. DJ: There is a line in a current pop song that
    goes “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”. Julian is hipper than I realized. =)

  5. Why wouldn’t Arab boy leave home?

    He didn’t want to leave his brothers behind.

  6. Do you have some fries to go with that shake? I think milkshake is hips ‘n’ bootie, not boobies.

  7. Not to be pedantic here, but in the song the artist indicates that her “milkshake” can be taught, but only if she’s paid to teach it. That line indicates that the “milkshake” is not so much any combination of body parts, but rather some trade secret body-movement technique, unique to her.

  8. Milkshake = big, jiggly boobs?

  9. “Milkshake = big, jiggly boobs?”

    I don’t think so DJ, the boobs aren’t that big. I think it is the whole package.

  10. I find it difficult to believe a single word of The New Republic’s article linked above. I would challenge the author to support his assertions with even the slightest sheen of proof. I wonder whether the author isn’t engaged in wishful thinking, gross over-generalization, or perhaps even utter fictionalization, and again, I’d like to hear some corroboration for his claims, even superficial. I hope this isn’t an example of an author spinning an unsubstantiated tale about a society so closed that he has little fear of contradiction.

  11. Hovig
    The flaws in the article are that the article insinuates that widespread homosexuality is new in Saudi Arabia. It isn’t new.
    The article also claims that a new openness of society has lead to the homosexual behavior. I believe that it is the repression that has done that.
    The article claims that the opening of society is from Saudi’s returning from the west. I don’t think it is, Saudi’s have been returning from the west at least since the 70’s

  12. Kelly: It’s a woman’s way she carries her self — her confidence.

    TJ: “It’s too explicit to say on TV” — it’s what a woman does to make a guy bust his nut.

    J.T.: “Tittie-juice”

    Justin: “I’m with TJ on this one.”

    Stephen: I didn’t say anything!

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