Indecency Update


The government steps up its war on words.

Amid a widening and increasingly politicized campaign to clean up the nation's airwaves, regulators are proposing fines against many of the nation's major radio companies for carrying well-known "shock jocks," according to Federal Communications Commission officials.

About a dozen cases are being finalized, these officials said, and one target is Howard Stern, one of the nation's most popular and controversial radio hosts.

Stern responds.

Instapundit opposes government regulation of broadcast content, but isn't outraged by the FCC's crackdown on Stern in particular.

OC Weekly explains why even Stern haters should be worried:

It?s not a matter of supporting demeaning, racist or just plain moronic comments. It?s a matter of supporting freedom?and ass rings.

(link via Jeff Jarvis)