Frisch weht der Wind, der Heimat zu


New at Reason: The Department of Homeland Security is one year old this week. Julian Sanchez tickles the babe on its tummy, bringing up a gob of curdled milk.

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  1. Tim,

    That was an overly vivid image–especially to a new father like me. I won’t sleep for weeks now. 😉

  2. Jesus, Tim, I think you’ve got the 2004 Obscure Hit and Run Headline Reference Award locked up already.

  3. Does anybody else get the creeps when our country is now called the “Homeland”?

  4. Frisch weht der Wind / Der Heimat zu

    What famous poem did those lines appear in?

  5. yeah… what is the headline all about? Gadfly, would you prefer “Department of Fatherland Security”?

  6. A few months ago I saw a documentary where the Department of Homeland Security sent inspectors to Reno to train the sherriff’s deputies on how to deal with a terrorist attack. Their names were Captain Dwayne Hernandez and Lieutenant Suzie Kim. But then it turned out that the inspectors stole some drugs and money from the Reno Sherriff’s Dept. evidence locker, and Capt. Hernandez seduced Deputy Trudy Weigel.

    Typical government corruption if you ask me.

    Oh, wait, that was “Reno 911”, not a documentary. Never mind.

  7. thoreau,
    The skunk scene was hillarious. Lt. Kim was quite a hottie as well.

  8. Lt. Kim was a man in disguise, didn’t you see the end of the episode?

  9. Lt. Kim was a man in disguise, didn’t you see the end of the episode?

  10. I saw. For a dude, she was really hot. 🙂

  11. Gadfly: Yes, I do. I really wonder why ‘Homeland’ became so popular all of a sudden.

  12. Here’s an interesting project. This article about kids having to use a fingerprint scanner to get on the bus says this: “Superintendent Howard Hinesely said the district also plans to apply for a federal Homeland Security grant that could reimburse some of the cost.”

    Huh? Why would the DHS provide money for a Big Brotheresque scheme like this?

  13. Lonewacko-

    It’s a matter of homeland security if the scanner is there to make sure that none of the kids boarding to the bus are MEChA sleeper agents.

  14. For a dude, she was really hot. 🙂

    Are you planning to move to San Francisco with Lieutenant Kim? 🙂

  15. Lines 31-34 of The Waste Land, T.S. Eliot, quoted from Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde.

    ‘Fresh blows the wind to the homeland.’

  16. No thanks thoreau, I already lived there once and I have no desire to give it another shot. 🙂

  17. You got it, isildur.

    Act III, scene 1 (the first song)
    Stimme eines jungen Seemanns.

    schweift der Blick:
    streicht das Schiff.
    Frisch weht der Wind
    der Heimat zu:
    mein irisch Kind,
    wo weilest du?
    Sind’s deiner Seufzer Wehen,
    die mir die Segel bl?hen?
    Wehe, wehe, du Wind!
    Weh, ach wehe, mein Kind!
    Irische Maid,
    du wilde, minnige Maid!

  18. Does anybody else get the creeps when our country is now called the “Homeland”?

    Hey Gad,

    Yeah, bigtime

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