As the Kids Say


In "how the left lost teen spirit" news, I notice the first sentence of a piece in The Nation :

Music for America (MfA), a nonprofit group working to get out the youth vote in the hope of unseating George W. Bush, has a new answer to the old dance-club question "Who rocks the party that rocks the party?"

The answer to that "old dance-club question" being, of course: "What kind of crazy ass club drugs are you on? That question makes no f*ing sense!" As opposed to the actual line, which is "I rock the party that rocks the body." (Most familiar from an old MC Lyte track Puffy remixed.)

I'm probably picking on The Nation unfairly—Google reveals that the "rocks the party that rocks the party" locution is pretty common. But still, as far as I can tell, makes no f*ing sense. Anyway…