Same-Sex Divorce?


From the cart-before-the-horse department comes this case in Houston, where a person insists she is a woman but his/her wife wants a divorce court to decide. Linda Gail Carter, formerly James H. Murphy, has been ordered to undergo genetic testing to in order to assign a gender.

Mr. Murphy became Ms. Carter in May 1998, several months before she married Constance D. Gonzales in Las Vegas. But Carter's driver's license indicates she is a man and witnesses claim that Carter has dressed as a man on occasion since 2002. Further, Carter's employees at Veterans Funeral Services claim that Carter has conducted marriage ceremonies as a man. (Really wish there was more on that.)

Court watchers seem to think that if Carter is shown to be a man, then it is possible for the union to be dissolved under Texas law.

In short, we ain't seen nothing yet.