Capitalism With a Human Face: The Movie


Over at Tech Central Station, Amanda Oliver gives two thumbs up to the Oscar-winning film The Barbarian Invasions, which she summarizes thus:

Written and directed by Denys Arcand, The Barbarian Invasions is a witty and articulate film that interweaves intimate drama with social satire. This is a compelling human story yet this movie has also a powerful political voice, with its savage indictment of an ailing state healthcare system and strong stand in favor of free choice. It's a fresh take on the failures of state education and the ironies of socialist intellectuals. In the world Denys Arcand satirizes, hospital patients are stripped of human dignity and individual rights: administrators take bribes, trade unions have a tight stranglehold, and staff steal from the helpless. Government control goes so far as to forbid patients from transferring from one hospital to another.