80,000 Maniacs


A quick shout-out to all of youse commenters on Hit & Run. Sometime yesterday, one of you posted comment number 80,000 on here. That's a helluva total for a blog that debuted in December 2002.

Thanks to all of you who have posted feedback–good, bad, and indifferent. Keep it coming.

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  1. You should have given a dual award to joe and Jean Bart, with a paid trip to your headquarters to present the awards — where we would all be awaiting them with pockets full of stones…

    Just a thought.

  2. It’s Freedom Baby! Yeah!

  3. Lottery Man,

    You bring your stones; I’ll bring my FAMAS.

  4. Thanks, but JB and I already have stones.

  5. Here’s another one for the indifferent column.

    Nothing written here matters, and what if it did?

  6. Hey! Look at me! I’m indifferent.

    Quantity, not quality!

    I need another low-quality cheeseburger.

  7. Does this require reply, comment?
    This should be something we agree on,
    but hey, isn’t our privacy being violated
    by someone, or THING keeping tally?

  8. JB,

    They let you have a FAMAS?

  9. What do you call that, dj, Haiku’s or something. You’re a poet and don’t know it. Keep em coming.

  10. Jason Ligon,

    Yes; I have one in France. I am still a reservist; I keep it what you would call a “gun club.” At my home I have a few shotguns for defense of my home.

    Though you are right; American customs would be displeased if I tried to enter with my FAMAS. 🙂

  11. 80,000?

    That’s a bit extreme. Perhaps its time that someone left the house and enjoyed the weather, hmm?

  12. Shouldn’t lucky #80,000 get a free subscription or something?

  13. I think #100,000 should get a free year of blood preasure medication.

  14. Too bad that number comes down to about 50,000 when one considers the number of accidental double, triple, etc. posts.

  15. Special props to joe and other State happy posters who stick around in the face of a lot of criticism and general ideological disagreement. It keeps us from all agreeing with each other …

  16. If I wanted agreement, I’d talk to myself.


  17. Shut up – I am talking to myself!

  18. Well I certainly never listen to you. 😉

  19. No, YOU shut up.

  20. Quality not quantity.

  21. “Perhaps its time that someone left the house and enjoyed the weather, hmm?”

    When I do that, I find that I come back here to 5 new posts with a bazillion new comments that, in combination, express just how I feel about the issues. I guess mother nature will just need to wait until I’ve had my fill here.

    Congrats on the 80,000!

  22. Jason Ligon,

    No, no; I simply have one. It was easier to get the permit to own one though because I am a reservist. Though if I am ever called into service, well, to be blunt, someone is on French soil and we are likely launching SLBMs. 🙂 Though with our ever growing list of adventures world-wide, I may be mistaken.

    How do they teach left-handed people to fire the FAMAS? There is a modified version for left-handed people, or left-handed people can be trained to use it right-handed. Also, the FAMAS (in all its military versions at least) has two ejectors which throw the case through either to the left or right ejection port (depends on what the soldier selects). I would argue a more important issue is whether with a FAMAS one has more body exposure when shooting around a corner; as it is a far shorter weapon than other varities of assault rifles; though the G2 has versions which extend the barrel for such urban environments. I think what most unsettles people at first when using it is that your face is right over the action. 🙂

  23. JB:

    Is yours semi automatic only, or are you able to get the “happy switch”?

    The only bullpup configuration (i.e. action behind the trigger)I have experience with is the Steyr AUG. It does not have a switch that allows ejection on either the left or right, it only has plates that block off one or the other port. This means that you can’t change it on the fly. When taking a corner that is on my right, I should have the thing shouldered on my left even if I am right handed, so that I am not blocked by the wall, having to expose my whole body. In this technique (the only one I know), you can’t use an AUG without getting a face full of brass.

    “I would argue a more important issue is whether with a FAMAS one has more body exposure when shooting around a corner …”

    Precisely the opposite is true if you handle urban like I’ve been taught (www.tdiohio.com if you are interested, they are great guys and very knowledgable). The muzzle of the rifle should not clear the corner until the last bit of the angle is taken in a ‘drop out’. Even in a full drop out, your body is 3/4 (more if you are good, 1/2 for me) behind cover. As a result, you would always rather have a small barrel for urban work. I have always liked the FAMAS for that reason, short overall length, but you still have a full 20″ barrel to get the little 5.56 up to speed. My personal take is that the FAMAS is the best piece of equipment you guys have.

  24. …listen to Oingo Boingo

    Fantastic idea! Going to find CD now.

  25. I was the 80,000 comment poster.

    Thanks, all!!!

    I am glad you all like my comments!

    I rock!

  26. I typed in a random website, but it actually worked!

    I am cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am the best!

  27. Numbers are irrelevant.

  28. JB:

    Old thread and all, but now I’m curious. Reservists in France keep their service weapons, so long as they are locked up in a gun club?

    I assume it is still select fire, then. That is interesting.

    I’ve always wanted to ask a serviceman who used either the AUG or FAMAS – how do they teach you to handle left handed corners in building searches? If you switch shoulders, you get brass in your face with the bullpup configuration. Being a lefty, I noticed almost immediately …

  29. “Perhaps its time that someone left the house and enjoyed the weather, hmm?”

    Thanks to free enterprise and the consumer technology that it has spawned we can enjoy the weather, blog to our heart’s content, and listen to Oingo Boingo all at the same time!

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