Edwards Not Dead Yet! Kerry Cops to Electoral Indigestion!


From the AP, Boy Wonder Edwards does political calculus without a net:

Edwards pledged to stay in the race "until I'm nominated," but said in Ohio on Monday that he recognized that, "At some point, I've got to start getting more delegates or I'm not going to be the nominee."

Meanwhile, Kerry is starting to sound like an old man, repeating nonsense phrases (or maybe he's just having a Maalox Moment on the hustings):

"Boy, wait til you see the fire in my belly. I didn't win 18 out of 20 caucuses and primaries so far because I don't have the fire in the belly," Kerry told "The Early Show" on CBS. "And people who know me well know that fire is raging, and on behalf of the working people of America I intend to make sure that we restore fairness in our country again."