Oscar Wrapup


Well. That was surely the dullest Oscar ceremony I've ever seen.

Three comments:

1. Why must they almost always give the Best Song award to the most appallingly bad nominee?

2. Why wasn't Johnny Cash in the roll call of the dead? The man did appear in some movies, you know. I wouldn't call him a great thespian, but I'd rather watch a Johnny Cash picture than a Gregory Peck picture any day.

3. You can praise The Return of the King for many reasons—but the screenplay? Just what did they think they were honoring? The tight construction? The snappy dialogue?

I was naturally disappointed that Bill Murray didn't win Best Actor, but if the Academy suddenly started handing trophies to underrated actors I've always admired, who knows where it would end? Next thing you know they'd be giving Oscars to Yaphet Kotto, Eugene Levy, Ned Beatty … our whole world would turn upside down.