Douglas Faneuil's Vision for Jamaica


If you've been following the Martha Stewart trial, you may recall that her lawyers wanted to make an issue of illegal drug use by the lead prosecution witness, Douglas Faneuil. Among other things, Faneuil admitted to smoking pot in Jamaica after signing a cooperation agreement with the government, one requirement of which was that he refrain from breaking the law. In response to questioning from Stewart's lawyer Robert Morvillo, Fanueil said he was under the impression that smoking ganja was legal in Jamaica. He was a bit premature, but that may soon be true.

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  1. Hmmm, pot smoking versus insider trading. Yep, still no victims with pot smoking….

  2. As I was bopping around the Media Awareness Project web site provided by the link, I was almost sickened by an article out of Ocean City, New Jersey.

    They have a Director of Ocean Couty Narcotics Strike Force by the name of Terrence Farley. This guy is truly rabid. He quit his criminal defense law practice to be a Special Prosecutor. His writing style has all the nyah-nyahness of a teenager. He also uses the same sophistical arguments for marijauna’s continued prohibition that have been used since the seventies.

    I’m glad I’ll be retired soon, then I can go away and hand the contry over to the Christianists. Sheesh. We were so close in ’72 and by ’73 it was all over with. With guys like this Prosecutor Farley, the U.S. in all likelyhood with still have prohibition long after the rest of the world smartens up.

    What am I saying? It was the U.S. that forced or at least asked every damn country on the planet to illegalize marijauna in the first place. I wonder if we will ever engage other countries in war over legalization?

  3. Change sophistical arguments to invalid and false arguments. This guy doesn’t deserve the slightest bit of respect that the term sophistical may connote.

  4. A tourist to Jamaica with a doobie in his hand is a tourist worth having. No Jamaican official will arrest and detain a white tourist if they have a small quantity of pot. They’ll just light the spliff and tell them to bring more friends next time.

  5. Does this mean more bad reggae is headed our way?

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