25 Years Ago


"Wall posters [in China] have openly praised the economic achievements of…hated Taiwan….One poster…acknowledged that 'Taiwan now has one of the highest standards of living in all of Asia.'"

— Robert Poole Jr., "The China Decision"

"The most potent and significant expression of statism is a State educational system. Without it, statism is impossible. With it, the State can, and has, become everything."

— Samuel L. Blumenfeld, "Why the Schools Went Public"

"The inquisitor who tortured his victim to death claimed that he was saving her soul. The psychiatrist who tortures his victim in a living death claims that he is saving her mental health."

— M.E. Grenander, "Psychiatry's Sacred Cow: Thomas Szasz and the Myth of Mental Illness"

"'Destructive competition' only occurs in one's own industry, whereas 'healthy competition' is what the economy needs more of in other industries."

— John Semmens, "Regulation of the Truckers, by the Truckers, for the Truckers"