Seen and Unseen


Catholic League president Bill Donohue (Ph.D.), a true giant on the American scene, sends an open letter in defense of Mel Gibson's upcoming Saveheart (opening February 25). I detect one bad-faith argument—"The Nation of Islam is another group that is hostile to Jews; it is also hostile to Catholics"—in the 1,900-word epistle. In addition, Donohue avoids using his strongest argument of all: that all people everywhere should say whatever the hell they want—a tough argument to make given his own history of siccing the FCC on radio schmucks and his organization's record of hysterics over The Last Temptation of Martin Scorsese. That having been said, his argument is well worth a read.

I believe Mel Gibson has no finesse as either an actor or a filmmaker and am therefore only a qualified fan, but all the negative publicity has worked its potent charm: I'm so eager to see this movie my head's about to explode.