Salon covers the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, in which conservatives–yes, conservatives–flay George Bush for reasons ranging from his adventurous foreign policy, his softness on immigration, and his out-of-control domestic spending.

"Surprisingly," writes Michelle Goldberg, "factions of the movement with very different agendas shared this [negative assessments of Bush]. Even as Bush's runaway spending and expanding deficits infuriated small-government libertarians, his immigration proposal outraged right-wing populists who want the government to intervene to protect American workers."

Whether this means Bush's base is slipping away–the article's basic hope–is far from clear, but the article is worth a read. Parts of the CPAC were in heavy rotation recently on C-SPAN and it's always a delight for the senses.

[Link via longtime reader and critic of Bush's foreign policy, Jon Basil Utley]