The Snooper's Trifecta


I've tried to shake this thought for several days, to no avail. Hope it is wildly paranoid, but here it goes:

Suppose the U.S. does move to a more regional terror-alert system, either de facto or de jure, primarily in recognition of the fact that a nation-wide alert is just too costly in both monetary and manpower terms. Now, couple that shift with the newly found constitutionality of police roadblocks undertaken for informational purposes, and toss in the domestic passport and travel surveillance system that is CAPPS II.

Say we go back to an orange alert based on a threat to the power grid in Texas. Texas cops can then make informational stops looking for terrorists, right? And there is no legal protection stopping the results of these little interrogations from making their way into the great CAPPS II database, is there? There might some technical limitations for now, but nothing insurmountable.

This is all pretty much nuts, right?