I'm Shocked, Shocked, To Find That Downloading Is Going On In This Establishment


A breathless lede in the Los Angeles Times:

A copy of the hit movie "Something's Gotta Give" that was sent to an Oscar voter has turned up on the Internet, prompting an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences investigation and signaling a fresh setback in Hollywood's battle against movie piracy.

That's legitimate news, given the debate last year over whether such copies should be sent out at all. But I wish the reporter had been a little more skeptical about the Academy's claim, cited later in the article, that this was "the first time a so-called screener sent to an Oscar voter had been made available for illegal copying." As Andy Baio points out, it isn't the first time. Indeed, such leaks are very common.

[Thanks to Tim Virkkala and Eric Dixon for the links.]