You Say Homicide, I Say Suicide


Fox News persists with calling crazy people who atomize themselves and murder others in the process "homicide bombers" rather than suicide bombers. This is clumsy and pointless, as the headline of the story demonstrates.

"Homicide Bomber-Mom Kills Four at Gaza Border" only tells us that four people died via bomb. The bomber, from this description alone, could've made an escape. The body of the story has to backtrack to advise us that the bomber "blew herself up," the very info that the word "suicide" conveys.

Further on, as someone at Fox evidently winces at completely re-working an Associated Press dispatch, we get this sentence: "Authorities believe this was the first mother to act as a homicide or suicide bomber."

So which is it, or does it matter? Is there a difference? Or are there simply standing orders at Fox to never let "suicide bomber" pass, confusion be damned?