Tears In Heaven


Just when you thought politically correct definitions of terrorism would drive you to homicide bombing, the Al-Arabiya network lands in hot water for refusing to call dead Palestinians "martyrs":

Al-Arabiya, the self-styled moderate alternative to Al Jazeera, is the year-old all-news satellite affiliate of the Middle East Broadcasting Co., which is owned predominantly by Saudis. In the jihadist mind-set, the Saudis are an infidel regime and are therefore legitimate targets of violence just like American crusader forces and Jews. The Palestinian Authority, maybe showing more of its jihadist colors than it intended, thus concludes that recent terrorist operations in Saudi Arabia have led Al-Arabiya to avoid language about Palestinians that might in any way be construed to glorify armed attacks on the Saudi kingdom. It's hardly surprising that the Palestinian Authority, accustomed to controlling its own press, sees state interference where there isn't any.