Savage Voting


Reader Mark Lambert passes along an entertaining column from yesterday's New York Times, in which Dan Savage discovers it's still easy to commit vote fraud in the Iowa caucuses:

Last week, I called the Polk County Election Office in Des Moines and was told that you still don't need to produce any identification to fill out a voter registration card; according to the Democratic Party of Iowa, you can register at the caucus sites without any proof of residency. That means Deaniacs, Liebermaniacs, Edwardians, Kerryactics and Gepharatchiks from outside Iowa need only follow a few simple steps if they want to participate in the Iowa caucuses: don't bring identification, don't put your real name on the voter registration form you'll be asked to fill out and don't write about your exploits on your blogs. Alas, this means you won't get caught, and that you won't be a footnote in a presidential election (a grand and glorious thing), but you won't be looking at six years in prison either -- six years in prison in Iowa, let's not forget.