It's Almost Like Praying. Maria.


Not at NBC though, where Maria Shriver's coworkers are reportedly hot to shove the First Lady of California out the door. It was evidently OK to have a crypto-Kennedy on staff, but now that Shriver has gone over to the Dark Side -- and actually wants her husband to succeed, no less -- the great and fickle God of journalistic ethics demands that Shriver cease warping the vacant minds of helpless sofa-pods.

How utterly absurd. At least we know who she is sleeping with. Not so for all the producers, writers, strategists, bookers, editors, and staffers who populate the deeply incestuous poli-media melange.

And can we stick some copy in front of these insufferable Poynter Institute types, so that they have something to do? How much hand-wringing over ethics do we need? Don't be an ass, don't lie, don't steal. There. Next.

BTW, I thought Mr. Shriver's state-of-the-state speech was quite good, but notice how his convincing lines on over-spending go unreported. Don't lie, don't be an ass.