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New at Reason: A selection of comments, from the timely to the timeless, that made Reason's first 35 years a groovy groovification of groovosity. Gotta read 'em all!

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  1. Would it be possible for Reason to reprint the complete articles instead of just excerpts? Every month I read the “30 years Ago in Reason” section, and there are often times when I’d like to read the full articles. I know you can read the full contents of recent back issues online, but are there any plans to make some of the older issues accesible?

  2. Amazingly, and sadly, so many of those excerpts could be recycled and applied to today’s headlines. I think it’s time to sign up.

  3. More shameless self-promotion. You people are as bad as Wang Chung.

  4. Yep; Reason was even great “all those years ago”
    so go ahead, everyone Wang Chung tonight!

    That was two song refs. and a kudos for Reason, all in one sentence.

  5. Just signed up for a two year hitch. Oh those Reasonites. Since it’s well past 2 minutes to midnight, I will say so long, farewell, auf wieder sein (sic), and good night. Rick, that 3 refs. Out

  6. not Weishaupt,

    Kudos on both counts! err I mean all five counts!

  7. I know there’s a project in the works to make complete archvies of various magazines, Reason included, available in PDF form. No idea yet when it’ll be operational, though. It was up briefly (and I was using it to put together 25-years from the east coast…) but is down at present.

  8. WANG CHUNG? My God, JB, that’s hitting below the belt. Even for a Frenchman.

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