The Delinquent Dauphin


As this Christian Science Monitor story puts it:

Parents of teenagers now have an additional incentive to really get to know their children's friends and acquaintances.

It is called Maryland v. Pringle.

That's the title of a US Supreme Court decision announced this week that, for the first time, authorizes a police officer who discovers contraband in a car to arrest every occupant of the car when no one admits to ownership of the illicit item.

Tell that to the parents of pals of Al Gore III, son of the former VPOTUS and tantalizingly near-POTUS. AG3 and his pals just got thrown in the pokey with some buds for smoking, er, buds. AG3 had been playing the role of the Delinquent Daupin of American politics for years.

Indeed, his father's oh-so-close loss in the last presidential election was a national calamity if for no other reason than this: It robbed the country of what surely would have been the most hilariously dysfunctional First Family since, well, the current one. And all the ones before that.

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