Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich has just auctioned off his state yacht for $275,000—not a bad price, though significantly less than the appraised value. The twist? As Jesse noted a while back, it was sold on eBay.

I'd suggest we do more government contracts this way, but the board of directors of Halliburton might have a collective coronary. (Hat tip: Jenn "Dutch" Holland.)

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  1. The sick part is, the boat might have sold for more money except for this:

    “it cannot be used for commercial purposes in the United States because of its foreign origin, officials had said.”

  2. Another inept move. Selling the boat through an experienced yacht broker would have undoubtedly brought a much higher price.

  3. What notJoe said.

    Why did they need the money so quick? Maryland’s not back “using,” is it?

  4. Too bad they can’t sell Paris Glendening and get back some of the 8 years of salary plus retirement benefits they wasted on that jackass.

  5. What a sign of progress it’ll be when the New York Stock Exchange is sold on eBay!

  6. This is such a fucking cheap shot, Sanchez.

    Tell me–and be specific–exactly what you know about federal procurement procedures? I suspect it’s next to nothing.

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