What Do You Get When You Cross a Penis With a Potato?


New at Reason: Michael Young says Let the good times roll.

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  1. What do you get when you cross a penis with a potato?

    A dick-tater!

  2. From the title, I thought this was another Rick Santorum story.

  3. Dream on Michael. Iraq is going to get a lot uglier.

  4. A pud spud!

  5. Devo does porno?

  6. At least one comment should address the Young article. Young was (if I am not mistaken) a war skeptic who now says we can call it a victory and go home. Mostly I agree, and I think the Bush administration agrees too.

    They are hung up on getting the lights turned back on first. Forget about it. It isn’t our problem and it isn’t our responsibility…and it isn’t going to get done as long as we keep trying.

    Fighting wars is something a government CAN do well (ours did splendidly). So is law enforcement (again, splendid). Building infrastructure? Well…what do I have to tell libertarians?

    We should shift all of our resources toward security, constitute some kind of (at least) local government immediately, and announce to the Iraquis that anything else that needs doing, they are going to have to do themselves, and do at their own expense. We gave them their country back. Period.

    90% of the infrastructure “damage” was due to Saddam’s misrule, 5% was due to looting, 4% to dead-ender and jihadist sabotage, and 1% to the military operations of the US (a small price for freedom).

    We can’t and shouldn’t commit to rebuilding everything in Iraq that can be rebuilt. The dissarray there is not due to previous sanctions, was not due to indiscriminate bombing, and was not due to our neglect of civil order (who really wanted to start shooting looters within days of the statue toppling?)

    In any cas, we leave by June. I don’t think the lights will be on by then if we keep trying. I think they just might be on, if we STOP trying.

  7. Hillary’s dildo?

  8. Let’s see, I heard a joke on the net:
    When you cross an Onion and a donkey,
    you usually get an ugly vegetable with long ears,
    or sometimes you get a piece of ass so good that it will bring tears to your eyes.

    But with the crossing of the potatoe
    with a penis,
    you are going to get a potato saying “I da ho, prick.”

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